4-H April 2024

4-H April 2024

4-H April 2024

April 2024 Edition

4-H Youth Development
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It is an exciting time for Spencer County 4-H! If you are not a fan of the Spencer County Extension Office Facebook page, you should be! Updates and programs are being added regularly, this includes club information.
Please read in this newsletter to find out how to get registered for 4-H camp and about our clubs.
Don’t forget to sign up for camp, information is in this newsletter. If you would like to volunteer as a Teen Leader (those that have completed their freshman year throughout graduating from High School), check out the application enclosed. Adults, please contact Mollie asap if you are interested. Remember spots are limited, so you need to act quickly. Please watch the Facebook page for updates on camp too!
Don’t forget to find your place in Spencer County 4-H. We strive to have something for everyone!
Remember to strive to make the Best Better in all that you do!
Mollie Tichenor
CEA for 4-H Youth Development

Contact Information

100 Oak Tree Way P.O. Box 368 Taylorsville, KY 40071-0368

(502) 477-2217