Ag January 2023

Ag January 2023

Ag January 2023

January 2023 Edition

Agriculture & Natural Resources
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Gardening Tips
**Wood ashes from the fireplace can be spread in the garden, but don’t overdo it. Wood ashes increase soil pH, and excess application can make some nutrients unavailable for plant uptake. Have soil tested to be certain of the pH before adding wood ash.
**Sketch your garden plans on paper, including what to grow, spacing, arrangement and number of plants needed.
**Keep holiday poinsettias and other plants near a bright window. Water as top of soil becomes dry.
**Look through nursery catalogs or visit websites and make plans for landscape and home orchard additions. Order plants early for best selection.
**Check young trees for rodent injury on lower trunks. Prevent injury with hardware cloth or protective collars.
These tips are provided by the Purdue University Cooperative Extension Service. They are located at Purdue University

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