Ag January 2024

Ag January 2024

Ag January 2024

January 2024 Edition

Agriculture & Natural Resources
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Soil Sample Now
As we are now into winter, this is one of the best times to sample your fields, gardens, or lawns to see what type and how much fertilizer you need to make the soil as productive as possible. For each sample you want to submit, we need at least one pint (sandwich bag) of dry soil 4-8 inches below the soil surface. Please put your name and sample ID (north lawn, hayfield 2, etc.) on each bag.
Bring those in now so that you can get the results more quickly and in some cases go ahead and apply the fertilizer now so that the soil will be ready for your yard or crops.
This is a free service provided by the Spencer Co. Conservation District. Thanks to them for sponsoring the soil sampling
Our office is open normal business hours, but you have the option to drop off your samples anytime you like. As you pull into our parking lot, please go to the right to the back of our building. You will then see our pavilion and on the pavilion, you will see a blue tub to the right of the double doors. Inside the tub, you will find some paperwork that you will need to fill out so that we can properly test your soil. Place the paperwork and samples back into the tub. I’ll review the results and mail or email them to you in 2-3 weeks.

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