Ag March 2024

Ag March 2024

Ag March 2024

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Spring Weather—Be Prepared
As March begins and winter starts to wind down, now is the time to start thinking about being prepared for what the unpredictable spring weather can throw at us. March is a transitional month where we need to be prepared for anything and everything. In recent years, we’ve seen snow and cold snaps, but we’ve also experienced flooding and tornadoes as well. March tends to represent the battle between winter ending and spring beginning. Eventually, as we move into April and May, signs of winter disappear and spring develops in full force.
Spring can bring beautiful weather, with warm temperatures and sunny skies - great to get the flowers blooming. But it can also bring violent, dangerous weather. Do you or your family know what to do if severe weather strikes where you are? Preparation can be key for everyone’s safety!

Always be weather aware! Make sure you know the weather risks of the day ahead of time. When severe thunderstorm, tornado, and flash flood warnings are issued, having multiple methods to receive these warnings and weather information is very important for you to be able to take the appropriate action. This could include a NOAA weather radio, a reverse call system, television/radio, or nearby sirens if you are outdoors. In addition, you should know what to do when these warnings are issued. Have a plan - and put that plan into action. Make sure you have a safety kit ready to go, as well as a point of contact who can make sure everyone is accounted for and safe.

A Severe Thunderstorm Warning means severe weather (damaging winds at least 60 mph and/or large hail of 1 inch or greater) has been reported by spotters or indicated by the National Weather Service’s radar. Take shelter in a substantial building, away from windows. If the severe thunderstorm warning states winds in excess of 80 mph, treat it like a tornado warning.

A Tornado Warning means a tornado has been spotted or indicated by radar. There is imminent danger to life and property. Take action now! Move to the basement or an underground cellar if possible. If an underground shelter is not available, move to an interior room (multiple walls between you and the outside of the house) on the lowest floor of a sturdy building. You should be sheltered well away from windows or any outside doors. The smaller the interior room the better (closet, bath-room, hallway).

This information is provided by Brandon Peloquin– National Weather Service Wilmington, OH.

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